Ben Exell

3D Artist Birmingham, UK

3D Artist – VooFoo Studios

Hello my names Ben, I'm a 3D artist in the games industry. Heres some history about how I got to where I am today :)

Starting with uni, I then graduated from Teesside University in May 2014. I received a 1st class Honours Degree in Computer Games Art. For my final year project, I created 2 vehicles and implemented them into a racing game called rFactor 2. And then I landed a job at Rockstar North as a Junior Vehicle Artist where I worked on GTA5 for a year. I assisted the vehicle team and created a few vehicles myself that are in the game. I gained a ton of experience here which helped me get into my current position at a small indie games studio in Birmingham.

I have a big passion for cars. I grew up playing games like Need for Speed, Burnout, Motorstorm and of course Mario Kart. And as I’ve grown older I’ve started playing more hardcore racing sims on the PC. I spend a lot of my time working on my own car which is a classic mini. I take it to many mini shows all over the country each year as well as taking it for track days. I have some pictures here if you’re interested :) –

I also co-own a very popular youtube channel that upload’s gaming videos, mainly in the FPS genre. Here’s a link to that.


3D Artist

VooFoo Studios

Junior Vehicle Artist

Rockstar North


Teesside University

Computer Games Art, BA (Hons)



1st Class Honours – Computer Games Art, Teesside University


3DsMax Photoshop nDo2 xNormal Mudbox After Effects Sony Vegas Quixel Suite Photogrammetry UE4